Client Success Story: Air and Road Freight Solutions

Success Stories

In May 2024, our M6T team was approached by one of our active clients in need of a road freight solution. Their request was straightforward: transport portable PVC water storage tanks to their client situated in Western Uganda. We presented them with both air freight and road freight proposals, highlighting that air freight would be more cost-effective and require less transit time. The client agreed and instructed us to proceed with making the necessary arrangements to collect and ship the cargo to its final destination once production was complete.

The client’s shipment challenge

Before pick-up, we discovered that the pre-inspection of the cargo had not been conducted in accordance with Ugandan authorities. This oversight could have cost the client valuable time and potentially incurred costly penalties.

The M6T solution

To expedite the process, we contacted the authorized inspection agency, SGS, on behalf of the shipper. The SGS pre-inspection process started with a documentation exam that included the manufacturing quality management process, followed by an actual physical inspection of the goods at our warehouse. M6T represented the shipper during the physical examination, saving them both travel costs and time as they are based in Pretoria.


The Certificate of Compliance (CoC) was received a day later, and the shipment subsequently departed from OR Tambo for Entebbe, Uganda, with final delivery done by road. Both the supplier and consignee were extremely delighted by the smoothness of the process and service.

At M6T, we place customer experience at the heart of all our activities, to ensure a happy client at the end of each project. You can experience the quality in our customs clearing and freight forwarding services today, by contact our Johannesburg or Durban branch today for all of your B2B transportation and logistics needs.