Client Success Story: Importing Asphalt Plant into Hinterland

Success Stories

This year, we’ve had one of our clients reach out to us with a request to import a bitumen manufacturing plant from India and transport it to its final destination in Zimbabwe. Normally, this request would require transit clearance with SARS to be processed and then transport the cargo via road freight to Zimbabwe, but that wasn’t quite the case with this request!

The client’s shipment challenge

The cargo was packed in 4×40″ containers with a standard RIT clearance, goods passing through South Africa into Harare. However, a twist in the process was identified when the customer discovered that they would have to pay a refundable $40k over border container deposit fee upfront. Needless to say, they were not keen on this idea.

The M6T solution

Our role was to offer expertise to our clients and our recommendation was to change the entry from RIT to WE and XE, with the containers being unpacked and the cargo dispatched break-bulk on flatbed trucks. The cargo was to be delivered to the official worksite somewhere in mid-Western Zimbabwe.


The process went smoothly, with the 4 trucks traveling together in convoy and the cargo being delivered within a day of entering Zimbabwe, despite the customs delay encountered at the border. Our customer was very pleased with the seamless execution made by the M6T team and stated the “…clients only gives feedback when there is a complaint or a problem, so far nothing. So everything went well.”

We currently handle similar shipments from all over the world for different customers almost on a weekly basis for all transport modes.

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