We Are Proud to Announce We Are Now an AEO

Industry News

Have you heard the news? M6T has become a certified Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)!

What does M6T’s AEO status mean to you?

By becoming an Authorised Economic Operator or AEO, it not only allows us to offer significant benefits to our clients looking to import or export their goods internationally, but it also allows us to expand our global reach even more, providing our clients with access to new markets.

Having AEO certification indicates that we fully adhere to customs regulations and fulfill the established customs standards for economic and financial management. Essentially, an AEO certification serves as a globally acknowledged symbol of quality, affirming our secure position in the international supply chain. It attests that our standards and procedures are effective, establishing us as a reliable business partner.

Why should you use an AEO certified partner?

Utilising the services of a certified AEO partner offers you peace of mind, knowing they continually strive for the highest security standards. However, clients can also benefit from using an AEO certified partner in the following ways:

  • Accelerated clearance times
  • Priority treatment
  • Fewer physical and documentary controls
  • Less onerous entry and exit summary declarations
  • Improved risk management with regard to compliance with customs regulations and requirements regarding merchandise safety
  • Integrated global solutions
  • High levels of communication and cooperation between supply chain partners

What are you waiting for?

If you need a reliable freight forwarding partner to help you move yours goods from A to B, why not choose M6T!
Contact our Durban branch or JHB branch today for more information.