Client Success Story: Importing Medical Devices and Providing Customs Clearance

Success Stories

One of our clients reached out to us with a request to import their shipment of medical equipment and devices and provide customs clearance services. This request required clearance with SARS, but the shipment was stopped for a scanner exam at the airport.

The client’s shipment challenge

The client was unable to access their shipment until the scanner exam could be done, causing delays. These delays could have resulted in excess costs as a result of needing warehousing and storage.

The M6T solution

Our team was able to arrange the scanner exam for the following day. However, during the exam, the customs officer decided to do a physical examination of the shipment by checking the content of some of the packages. This meant we would need to wait until the shipment was released. Customs release only got received late afternoon, but the M6T operations team were proactive by uplifting cargo from the airport and keeping it at our warehouse to save client weekend storage charges.


Despite the initial delay with the customs clearance process, our team acted quickly and professionally to ensure the client did not suffer major delays or experience excess costs for warehousing and storage.

We were able to get the clients’ shipment to their offices on Monday morning, glitch-free. The client expressed their satisfaction by writing the following statement on the POD, “Received in good order, excellent service as always.”

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