Air Freight Carrier COVID-19 Impact Update

Industry News

The Coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on major international lanes such as mainland China, USA and parts of Europe, most carriers have suspended their flights from South Africa. The USA has also made a decisions to impose restrictions to and from Europe. Please see below current restricted routes and schedule changes.

Please take note all rates have been upsold to certain destinations and are strictly on request:

AirFrance / KLM
  • All flights to China has been cancelled.
  • USA are non-operational.
  • Operational to the USA.
  • Currently operational to the US.
  • Currently operating to PVG, PEK CAN and HKG with scheduled freighters.
  • Rates and service into Italy needs to be requested.
  • Currently operating to: PVG, PEK, HKG, ICN, and CAN
Air Mauritius
  • All flights into China are still cancelled, still operational to all other destinations.
Air China
  • Flights are operational with limited capacity.
  • Embargo on special commodities such as DGR, Batteries and Live animals.
  • Currently still operating to the US.
  • All flights to KSA Airports has been cancelled until further notice.
  • TLV flights are operational, transit time approximately 7 days.
  • Currently operating to the US, if any changes they will notify all.
  • All rates into China are being upsold due to limited capacity.
  • Currently accepting cargo into – HKG, PVG, CAN, ICN, FCO and MXP (Rates are strictly on request).
  • No Schedule changes into USA, all flights operating as normal.
British Airways
  • All flights into mainland China has been cancelled.
  • Still operational to the US but rates are strictly on request.
  • Cannot assist to PVG, LIN, and VCE.
  • Cargo will only be accepted on the freighter service to MXP.
  • Normal operations to the US.
  • Flights into PVG are still being upsold.
  • All flights into USA has been cancelled.
  • Currently not operating to China.
  • The following US Destinations has been suspended: MIA, SFO, LAX, JFK, TPA and IAD.
  • Flights to TLV & CAI has been suspended.
  • All scheduled flights are still operating as normal.
  • Operating as normal, but due to the current backlog in JNB they have limited capacity.
  • Operational to HKG, CAN and SZX, rates are on request only.
  • Not a viable option via HKG due to restricted and limited capacity.
Virgin Atlantic
  • PVG and TLV are closed until further notice.
  • All flights to the US are still currently operating.
  • Flights into SFO and LAX has been cancelled.
  • All rates ex JNB are being upsold due to limited capacity.
  • Flights via JFK and EWR will have an additional add on rate.
  • Shipments to China and Italy are only on request basis.
  • All passenger flights into the USA has been cancelled, only freighter flights are operational.
Turkish Airlines
  • Scheduled flights into the USA but with limited capacity and restrictions ex IST.
  • HKG, PVG and CAN operated by a freighter service only, all other routes into China has been cancelled.
  • Currently operating with a freighter service into MXP, all other flights to Italy has been suspended until further notice.
  • All flights into ICN, JED, PEK, BLZ,CTA, FCO, NAP and BRI has been cancelled.
  • Operational freighters to RUH and TLV.

Kindly note the attached updates as of 14:00 Hours (GMT + 2) on the 16TH March 2020 regarding the restrictions and bans being placed on flights and freight movement due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic from our AirCargo Group Network. Please note that further information relating to these restrictions will be published as an when we receive them from our partners.